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The Essential Vitamin D

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A deficiency in vitamin D could be much more serious than you may have imagined. Summer sun is on the way, but we are still a couple months away from flip flops and floaties. Between now and then, it’s crucial to find alternate sources of vitamin D for your body to utilize.

An article from WBAL-TV 11 explains that vitamin D deficiency has been connected to several severe health issues, from osteoporosis, cancer and cardiovascular disease to autoimmune and inflammatory bowel diseases.

The article continues on to mention that providing your body with the proper vitamin D levels can reduce the risk of diabetes. “Vitamin D supplementation basically (makes) insulin work better, and if insulin works better, blood sugar goes down and your risk of diabetes goes (down)," according to Mercy Medical Center's Dr. Timothy Doyle.

Clearly vitamin D is essential. The sun is the brightest and easiest source, but one we can’t control.

Good news. We have a perfect solution for you. D-Complex. Our all-natural supplement made from 100% food nutrients will provide you a superior source of vitamin D to help your body consistently receive the necessary intake you need.

Load up on D-Complex today. You can control that!

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