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Lymph System Detox

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The lymph system touches nearly every part of your body. A complex system of organs, nodes, vessels and glands, it cleanses toxins and protects the body from harmful invaders fighting pathogens like mold and bacteria, and prevents disease and infection.

The lymph system relies on the contraction of muscles and joints to function properly. So daily exercise, lots of water, and the inclusion of raw food and herbs in your diet all contribute to healthy lymphatic function. If you do not bring these practices into your daily routine, you run the risk of your lymph system becoming stagnant, which can lead to a compromised immune system, edema, cellulite, chronic pain, and a whole range of infections and diseases.

Some experts also recommend drinking lemon water, massage, dry brushing, yoga, and natural supplements from Food Research, including Simply Spleen, Thymo-Immune, Aller-Lung Support, and Simply Thymus. For more info on recommended supplements for Lymphatic Detoxification click here.

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