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Natural Hormonal Support for Women

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There are many reasons why a woman might seek hormonal support; for mood enhancement, fertility or menstrual problems, anti-aging, weight management, etc.

A lot can be said for taking the natural approach, in your diet, for example. Did you know that raw carrots contain a unique fiber that helps to eliminate excess estrogen? It’s an incentive to start munching!

Add ample amounts of healthy fats particularly those containing Omega 3’s to your daily meals. Coconut oil is an excellent source. As is real butter, olive oil and wild fish varieties high in Omega 3s like salmon and Atlantic mackerel.

The best rule of thumb is to eat fresh organic food whenever possible. Don’t use chemical pesticides or cleaning solutions. Cook with stainless steel or glass and avoid heating and storing in plastic. Limit caffeine, exercise wisely and consider natural, all food supplements that specifically address hormone issues including Le Feminine Advantage, Libida-Life, Simply Mammary, Simply Ovary and Simply Uterus from Food Research.

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