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Lacking Iron?

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Lack of iron in the body, otherwise known as anemia, is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the United States, often caused by poor nutrition. But, why do we need iron? Iron is the key component in hemoglobin and helps to transport oxygen through the body. Without sufficient iron, your body is unable to make oxygen-carrying red blood cells, hence the fatigue associated with anemia.

Being slightly anemic (low level of red blood cells) is not an uncommon problem amongst vegetarians. Adding iron supplements or iron-rich foods to any diet can help to correct most cases of anemia. To obtain an adequate amount of iron, vegetarians add appropriate dietary supplements, and eat green leafy vegetables, molasses, brussel sprouts, raisins, etc., while meat eaters add beef and other red meats.

Although a vegetarian may think he/she is doing the right thing by adding an iron supplement to their diet, the problem with most iron supplements (mineral salts) is that they can cause constipation and are not readily absorbable. However, the Hematic Formula from Food Research is iron from food; it does not constipate or upset the stomach and is readily absorbed by the body. It is a 100% vegetarian food supplement that is intended to supply nutrients needed to maintain and support optimal blood health.

Want to increase your iron content? Consider the wholesome Hematic Formula from Food Research.

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