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Supplements: A Vital Component of Any Diet

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Depending on your diet and lifestyle, what you lack in specific vitamins and nutrients, someone may have plenty. Before the mid-19th century while out at sea, sailors often became sick and died from Scurvy – a direct result of Vitamin C deficiency from lack of nutritional resources. Although this is an extreme case, it shows that proper nutrition is not only necessary, but essential. A healthy balance of vitamins and minerals is necessary in order to be the strongest and healthiest version of yourself.

Beyond The Physical Body

Including vitamins in your daily diet has been shown to have a positive impact on your overall mental health, which in turn, has a positive impact on your body by decreasing the stresses put on your internal system.

Vitamin B has been shown to increase energy levels and enhance your mood, whereas taking iron supplements has proved to reduce fatigue and the ability to sleep. Vitamins and minerals are the backbone of good nutrition and work in unison as natural aids in helping to regulate your body.

Variations in Diet

In today’s media-driven world, you’ll likely see many diet-fad advertisements encouraging you to participate in their diet regimens – including supplements that are “perfect” for you and which have the most “nutritional benefits.” However, vitamins and minerals in these diets could be deficient in what your body needs most, which is commonly overlooked when shopping for supplements.

No matter which diet you believe best suits your lifestyle, whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or another variation, you’re likely still lacking the necessary minerals and nutrients your body needs, which supplements can make up for.

In a vegan diet it is common to have a lack of iron, specifically, “heme iron,” which is only found in foods made from animals. It is recommended that people who eat a vegan diet consume iron through a supplement to prevent conditions such as Anemia and decreased immune function.

Vitamin-Mineral Supplements

Don’t allow your body to go without! Our Food Research Vitamin-Mineral supplement is 100% vegetarian and made with all of the essential nutrients your body needs, without any toxins or other unnecessary additives. Vitamin-Mineral will help you feel and look your best from the inside out. Our supplements contain not only Vitamin D and Vitamin C (for strong bones and a strong immune system), but also Biotin which will help keep your skin and hair healthy so you can look as radiant as you feel. 

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