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Fitness Roundup: Supplements You Should Take for Consistent Workouts

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Supplements are a great way to not only improve overall health, but your workouts too. Whether you are focused on; intense sports, cardio, weight loss, or weight management, Food Research has products that will support and supplement your goals along the way. 


Our Cardio-Power supplement will overall help to enhance your athletic performance in many ways: 

  • - Supports a healthy cardiovascular system 
  • - Reduces muscular weakness 
  • - Improves energy 
  • - Improves circulation 

Magnesium Complex

Magnesium is especially important for athletes. It helps the body make protein and regulate muscles. Our Magnesium Complex supplement is one of the most nutrient-dense magnesium foods available anywhere–providing food magnesium directly to your body.  

Athletic Performance Pack 

Not sure what specific supplement to get or what your body needs? Try our Athletic Performance Pack! This pack is designed specifically for athletes and individuals who workout everyday. The supplements within this pack cover all of the nutritional basics and put a direct emphasis on improved energy and stamina. 

Mind and Body 

Having your mind and body in-sync is also critical when having consistent work-out results. Try out some of these tips to further peak your athletic performance: 

  • - Sleep: seven to ten hours is recommended for increased muscle strength along with decreasing high blood pressure
  • - Diet: Eating at the same time throughout the day, everyday, can keep your metabolism and your energy levels in check.
  • - Meditation: the ability to clear your mind and be able to focus on more important things - like your workout. 

Food Research’s 100% natural whole food vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will not only aid you in your workout but improve your mind and body simultaneously.

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