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The Tea on Teatox

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There are thousands of products advertised through influencers on social media, and thus, it can get very difficult to know which products are the best for you. With mounds of posts and reviews to sort through (and so little time) you can easily get caught up in trusting a celebrity and some catchy packaging.

A recent trend is teatox, it’s a detox that you drink. A celebrity by the name of Jameel Jamil shed light by calling out famous influencers for endorsing a not so transparent weight loss tactic.

These products consider themselves a meal replacement, when they actually are just a laxative and a stimulant. Laxatives can be toxic for your body if consumed improperly. They can cause serious damage to your colon. Also, laxative misuse is commonly seen in individuals with eating disorders, such as both anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

Be careful of untrusty weight loss supplements!

These companies hide what their products truly are with different names and by not listing all of their ingredients on their website. They tell you what they do but not how they do it. Like "increasing your energy" may just mean you are consuming more caffeine.

Our supplements are made from whole food. No smoke and mirrors here, just all natural ingredients. 

It is so important to know what is actually going into your body and what those products do for your body. Do not be fooled by influencers. Stay in check with your mental health. Do your research and discover what detox is best for you.

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