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Multi-Vitamins… Extra or Essential?

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So, you eat healthy and pay attention to diet and exercise. That’s enough, right?

According to the experts it is NOT enough.

Many articles say that you do not need to take daily vitamins so long as you eat a balanced diet. However, The American Dietetic Association did a study on seventy dietary analyses from a wide range of “healthy people,” ranging from elite athletes to people who did not exercise and ate poorly. The outcome of this study was that no diet contained 100% of the recommended daily allowance of needed nutrients.

Multi-vitamins are not just for those that do not eat their veggies. You can eat healthy and still be lacking all the nutrients your body needs. Most vitamins you take can be made up of 98.7% synthetic materials. So even when you are trying to be healthy it is so easy to falter.

Food Research brings you vitamins that are 100% natural with many vegan options. Food Research products are 100% whole food supplements WITHOUT synthetics, additives, GMOs, or ground-up rocks.

Here are some vitamins you can take to actually balance your dietary intake. If you want to live your best life, taking vitamins will lead you one step closer to that aspiration.

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