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Weighting on Summer

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Beach weather, here we come!

The first day of summer is right around the bend. Time for some summer fun on the beach and water.

While healthy weight management is something we can do all year round, if you’re especially looking to drop a few pounds to fit into that new (or go-to) bathing suit, please be sure you do it in a healthy way.

A daily exercise session is one way to go about it, especially if you stick to it and mix it up with different workouts. For instance, if the gym is getting stale, get out of town for a hike, bike ride, or outdoor yoga. Keep moving and make it fun.

As you pick and choose your physical activities, what you do not want to do is skimp on healthy nutrition. That means investing in high quality calories like natural and organic foods, plenty of fresh fruit and green vegetables, lots of pure water, and the best supplements you can buy.

There are a blend of natural Food Research products to support your efforts towards your beach body.

Vitamin-Mineral is good all-around and has anti-aging oxidants to boot!

CoQ10-Cardio supports optimal cardio-muscle health for your morning jogs and those gym sessions after the office.

Try a combo Weight Management Dinner Nutritional supplement pack to stay on track. This pack will round out your daily nutritional profile and aid digestion and absorption while maintaining healthy energy levels and a positive attitude.

If you have plans to get fit for summer, Food Research has natural food supplements to help you on your way!

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