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Alkalize to Detox and Cleanse Your Body

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How acidic is your body?

Keep in mind that drinking alcohol and eating highly-processed foods, refined sugar, meat, dairy, and wheat products can all produce acid in our bodies.

How does acid affect us?

Basically, excess acid promotes disease—such as allergic reactions, digestive problems, inflammation, and obesity—and can lead to chronic degenerative conditions. Symptoms of excess acid include consistent fatigue and shortness of breath.

Check your body’s pH balance (the hydrogen ion concentration in your body) to determine its acidity. On the pH scale of 1 to 14, anything measuring less than 7 is acidic. It’s ideal to have your body at a 7.4 pH, which makes your body a bit more alkaline.

How can we get our pH under control?

Eat more fresh greens and less meat and dairy. Drink water with lemon instead of soda. Have a nice organic apple or pear instead of a sugary snack. Diet is important. Be mindful that an alkaline portion of fruit, for example, will not compensate or cancel out an acidic portion of meat if eaten in the same meal or day. It takes a bigger commitment to lower our intake of acid-producing foods.

For those of us in a hurry or who need an extra boost, Food Research offers its Green Vegetable Alkalizer supplements.

Green Vegetable Alkalizer is 100% vegetarian food, supports alkalization, and is a natural cleanser. It’s perfect for detox while managing your weight or for helping to correct your pH. It’s an easy, natural way to a healthy body inside and out!

Check it out: Green Vegetable Alkalizer


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