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Summer Sand Workouts

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You’ve been so good all summer. Eating right, getting your workouts and exercise in consistently, hitting the gym 4 to 5 days a week. Now, that beach vacation is right around the corner. You have looked forward to it all summer long, but you fear that one week filled with barbecues, ice cream, and drinks on the beach could wipe all the hard work away - but what is the point of a vacation without all of these essentials? How can you fully enjoy this much needed vacation with these thoughts filling your head, and no gym within a 45 minute drive of the beach?

Easy. Make the gym your beach. Keep that dedication, and bring it with you to vacation. Get your daily workouts done right there on the beach, and you can still feel good about some over indulging once the grill fires up. 

Take a look at this Men’s Health Article for some ideas for your beach workout. (The article may be on Men’s Health, but this workout is by no means just for men!)

As always, to get the most out of each workout, and to maintain your nutrition goals during your vacation, be sure to pack your Food Research all-natural supplements.

Two supplements to be sure to take a look at to help reach peak athletic performance are:

Simply Cardio:

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